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About the process and 35 Solar

What is Polymer Assisted Deposition (PAD)?
PAD is a relatively simple and inexpensive process that enables the formation of a range of high quality materials. PAD is a solution method and therefore scalable with little increase in cost. The method does not require high vacuum and therefore it does not have high capital costs. The elements for the coatings are not expensive or costly to produce; quite the opposite, they are simple salts that are stable in water and air.
What are the advantages of PAD?
PAD has all the advantages of other chemical solution approaches to thin films such as low-cost, easy setup, and coating on large areas. However, PAD is unique compared to the other solution methods (such as sol-gel or metal-organic decomposition) in the sense that, the water soluble polymers in the PAD solution play an important role and have dual functionality: one is to control the viscosity of the solution, the other is that the polymers actually bind with the metal ions to prevent hydrolysis. These metal-polymer solutions are stable for years in air and water. All the metal precursors and polymers are commercially available and easy to handle at ambient pressure.
What is 35 Solar value proposition ?
The biggest obstacle for massive expansion of thin film solar panel industry is the method for depositing thin films. Currently 80% of the cost of thin solar manufacturing facilities is due to the deposition method. 35 Solar has an exclusive license to a technology that will reduce the cost of deposition by 95% - reducing the capital cost of thin film solar manufacturing facilities by 75%. The method is secured by several patents that we have the rights to, and has undergone substantial validation for the deposition of high quality thin films. We are seeking an initial investment of $150,000 by May 20th, 2013 to validate our technology’s ability to manufacture several different solar designs.