We want to show the world that economical power generation is possible!
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3rd Generation Photovoltaics

Inexpensive solar is important because:

- Low cost renewable energy could have a big impact on how we get power.

- Amazing things become possible.

- Imagine effective panels on your cell phone and you could charge your computer.

- A no brainer to have solar panels on your roof.

- Our method works great on uneven surfaces, so power your car.

- Flexible solar panels that you could roll up into your backpack and charge your phone or medical devices while you're hiking.

- Thin films are transparent, so we could coat your office and pull power out of a building's window.

Current methods are stodgy and expensive. Our method makes it possible to make solar panels out of uneven surfaces and non-traditional designs.

Cheap solar power is the future, but it is available today using technology designed for other applications. This technology has all the necessary attributes to cost effectively manufacture solar panels. .

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